Can A Hummer Pull A Travel Trailer



How much can a Hummer pull?

With a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds and a payload of 1,300 pounds, the battery-powered Hummer can’t match the ratings of traditional HD pickups.

Is Hummer H3 good for towing?

All the automatic transmission models of the Hummer H3 with the 3.7L L5 engines can tow as much as 4,500 pounds, while the manual transmission variants (same 3.7L L5 engine configuration) can tow 3,000 pounds. However, the H3 models with 5.3L V8 AT engine variants can tow as much as 6,000 pounds.

Can a Hummer H2 pull a fifth wheel?

The 2008-2009 models can pull lightweight trailers under 8,200 pounds fully loaded. And the 2003-2007 models can handle trailers under 6,600 pounds. Since the H2 SUT has a truck bed, you may wonder if it can pull a small, lightweight fifth wheel. Unfortunately, no.