Can A Dog Take Capstar While Already On Nexguard



Can you use Capstar with other flea treatments?

Can I combine CAPSTARĀ® (nitenpyram) with another flea treatment? If you are currently treating your pet with a monthly flea and tick topical, flea shampoo, heartworm preventive, antibiotics, or a deworming medication, you can give your pet CAPSTARĀ® (nitenpyram) oral flea tablets daily, as directed by the label.

Can I use two different flea treatments?

Never use multiple flea medications on your pet, unless directed to do so by your veterinarian. Fleas can be a very frustrating problem, and some medications may not produce immediate effects.

Can I give my dog another flea pill?

While you can reapply flea treatment early in some cases, you should talk to your veterinarian to find the best and most effective flea treatment for your pet.

Can my dog still get fleas with NexGard?

Any immature fleas that are in your home or yard when you first give FRONTLINE Plus or NexGard to your pet will continue to develop into full-grown fleas, even after the mature fleas on your pet are killed. Immature fleas may take several weeks to develop and create an exposure risk for your pet.

Can I give my dog NexGard and Heartgard at the same time?

One of the new products we recommend is NexGard, from the makers of Frontline. It is a once a month, ORAL, flea and tick prevention for dogs. No more sticky, smelly topicalls. It can be given at the same time as their monthly Heartgard- ONCE-a- MONTH!

Can I use advantage and Capstar together?

Hello, yes you can use them together. Most importantly, is that you also treat your environment to rid of the fleas. You can use pet safe environmental insecticides, wash all bedding and clothing with hot water, and replace the vacuum bag after every use.

Why does my dog keep getting fleas even after treatment?

Not treating often enough Fleas go through a life cycle of egg, larvae, pupae and adult. Most flea treatments just kill adult fleas, but fleas can continue to emerge for months after you think an infestation has ended. When a newly emerged female flea finds a host, she can lay eggs within one day.

Do fleas have to bite for Capstar to work?

Capstar flea pills for dogs and cats act super quickly. Once your pet has swallowed the tablet, the active ingredient, a chemical known as nitenpyram, goes to work within 30 minutes, Dr. Stewart says. Once the nitenpyram enters the bloodstream, the fleas ingest it when they bite your pet.

Can I switch my dog from Nexgard to Bravecto?

Since you can’t start Bravecto until 6 months, some pet owners may start with Nexgard and then switch to Bravecto when able. Additionally, some pet owners may opt to switch over to protect breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs.

Can you use Frontline and Capstar together?

Yes you can. I would wait a few hours after using the cap star so it has time to kill the fleas. This will help make the advantage/frontline more effective.