Brumate How To Use



Do you put your BrüMate in the freezer?

For proper care, hand wash your Hopsulator only and air dry upside-down. Do not freeze or microwave, though you can (and should) freeze the included gel pack to best keep your drinks cold.

How does my BrüMate work?

An extra copper layer between the steel panels provides added insulation capabilities, allowing it to keep that can of beer, soda, or energy drink colder than any similar product in the market. Suffice to say, if you want to keep a canned drink as cold as possible, this thing offers your best shot at getting that done.

Are Brumates worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic product! BrüMate Trios are the BEST! Fit both 16oz and 12oz cans and keep your drinks cold down to the last drop! I have had so many friends fall in love with these when they see me use mine!

Is the Brumate adapter an ice pack?

tall boy beer cans and also can be used as a tumbler. This unique beverage cooler from BruMate gives you a lot options and versatility for keeping drinks cool. The Trio comes with an icepack adapter that sits inside the can cooler when using 12 oz.

Is Brumate or yeti better?

Brumate are slightly cheaper than Yeti and more versatile – doubling as a can coozie and a cup. They have a lifetime warranty while Yeti only offers a 5-year warranty. But Yeti Colsters are more durable and are also dishwasher safe.

Is Brumate as good as Yeti?

Functionality. The functionality of both Koozies are about the same. Easy to use, both keep the drink cold, and both are designed with minimal look and feel. While the YETI is a bit slimmer, the BrüMate is a bit lighter overall.

What fits in a Brumate trio?

Patented 3-in-1 Technology The Trio fits 16oz cans, comes with an adapter to fit 12 oz cans and can also be used as a tumbler.

Does Brumate trio fit bottles?

It works with all slim-style 16-ounce bottles, like Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, and Budweiser, but it does not fit Coors or Miller bottles — those will work in the Hopsulator Trio koozie. Again this one also keeps it 20 times colder than traditional neoprene can coolers can.

Can Brumate be used for hot drinks?

Our Brumate range isn’t just for wine 🍷they are perfect for keeping your coffee, tea or hot chocolate super hot for hours. It’s super cold in Cairns today (For us anyway) so using my Brumate cup for my coffee to try keep warm! They are triple insulated so will keep your favourite drink hot or cold for hours!

What fits in a Brumate slim?

Hopsulator Slim | Matte Black (12oz slim cans) Works with White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, Corona Light, Red Bull, and others.