Banging Noise In Chimney When Windy



Why is my chimney rattling?

If a gas fireplace is making a rattling noise when off, the most likely culprit is the blower fan. It’s common for the blower fan to break down, become loose, and/or need cleaning. To fix the issue, turn off the gas supply, remove the front grille, and clean the blower fan using a vacuum.

What is that sound in my chimney?

If you’re hearing noises in your chimney, it could be one of a few things. Maybe a wild animal — like a rat or raccoon — is using your chimney as a den. Or perhaps a squirrel or bird has fallen into your chimney and can’t get back out.

Why is my house so noisy in the wind?

So, when the wind blows, you hear clattering sounds. Other components that can rattle in the wind include fascia, chimney caps, and the gutters. Solutions for a noisy roof sometimes relate to the cause. In other instances, you may simply have to dampen the sounds.

Why is my gas fireplace making noise when off?

Yes, a gas log system that makes a clicking or ticking sound when the burner is lit or turned off is typically caused by the metal shell around the gas logs contracting as it cools down. If the noise is excessive, then you will want to contact a qualified service technician.

Why does my gas fireplace make so much noise?

Over time, dirt, dust, or any other object that obstructs any part of the fireplace can trigger annoying noises. They can also eventually impact the fireplace’s function. Noises occur because the high-pressure flow of the gas through the tubing is disrupted.

What do birds in chimney sound like?

If you’re hearing rustling and chirping sounds coming from your fireplace, your first guess is likely correct—you have birds in the chimney.

What do you do if a bird nests in your chimney?

Once inactive get a chimney sweep out and get a cowl fitted either by them or a builder. If there are birds stuck in your chimney that are not nesting then they can be retreieved by waiting until night time and then making the room at the bottom very dark and shining a very bright torch up the chimney.

How do I get rid of birds in my chimney?

You can attempt to scare a bird out of your chimney by making a loud noise or shining a bright light. However, if the bird can’t find its way out, it may just tire and continue resting. Bird nest removal. Removing a nest may sound like a good idea, but it is not recommended that you attempt it yourself.

Is it normal for house to creak windy?

Yes, it’s normal to hear a wood-frame house creak any time the wind direction or speed changes. How much creaking you will hear will also depend on the temperature differentials between inside and out, and the humidity.

Why does my house howl when the wind blows?

As air spills off the edges of a roof, some of the waves created reflect back into the streaming wind. This produces whirling vortexes of air, which strike and spin off the roof edge. The result is a complex, ever-shifting sound wave pattern, which we hear as howling.