Are Xxr Wheels Reps



Are XXR Wheels forged?

The new XXR 527F the multi-spoke 527 style you know and love, with true forged construction that’s incredibly light and strong. Offered in 18″ with staggered widths and offsets available. is the #1 volume retailer of XXR Wheels.

Are XXR Wheels flow formed?

Description. XXR 527F – XXR 527F Forged Wheels offer the styling from the 527, with a true forged construction for unmatched strength, durability, and weight reduction. The new 527F is not “rotary forged” or “flow formed”, they are a true forged design, the absolute best available.

What are XXR Wheels made of?

About Us | XXR Wheels | The Pursuit of Lightweight Wheels. For nearly 40 years, we have designed and manufactured aluminum alloy wheels for car manufacturers and numerous aftermarket wheel companies.

ARE Konig replicas?

Not all Konigs are replicas, but the replicas they make are generally a level higher than the Rotas in quality and finish (IMO atleast) (konig replica wheels like the Konig Remember, Rewind, B Bomb, Helium, C Sharp, etc). Axis makes a few old-school JDM replicas and Axis quality is good.

What does XXR 527 weigh?

Chromium Black XXR 527 Wheel (Series 527). One Piece Aluminum. Aluminum, Weight-16 lbs. Aluminum, Weight-17 lbs.

Are Enkei wheels good?

Enkei. Enkei is one of Japan’s more respected wheel makers for a very good reason – they simply make good wheels. Enkei wheels tend to be very good-looking without being flashy, and the understated designs contain many features that we think of as anti-impact technology.

Do forged wheels crack?

A forged wheel would not have cracked, but would have been left unscathed or slightly bent. Cast wheels are designed for a lower load rating and are built to have 500 treadwear tires on them.

Are Enkei wheels cast or forged?

ENKEI custom wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged processes, rigid testing that must pass stringent JGTC Standards and unsurpassed manufacturing facilities. Enkei is dedicated to perfection and delivers the best in aftermarket wheels.

Are Enkei wheels made in Japan?

Where are they made in? There is a total of 19 Enkei wheels factories all around the world currently. These factories are located in nine different countries – Japan, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, India & Vietnam.

Why are forged rims so expensive?

This thermal cycle process causes forged wheels to be stronger than cast wheels due to grain refinement. Consistent forging makes for stronger structural integrity with less material compared to a cast wheel, however the process costs more, rendering forged wheels the more expensive option.