Are Wooden Stove Covers Safe



What is the point of a stove top cover?

The main purpose of a stove top cover is to protect your stove. Sometimes, by accident, we can cause scratches or dents to our stoves, leaving unsightly flaws in our cooking unit that can devaluate them and reduce your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

Is a noodle board a fire hazard?

Simply put, these are highly decorative items that can cause a fire. It is our recommendation that you refrain from their use. My sisters house burned down the other night. The dog was counter surfing and turned the burner on while the noodle board was on top of gas stove.

Is it safe to put a noodle board on a gas stove?

Despite that noodle boards are made with wood, a flammable material can still be used on a gas stove. If you are hesitant to use noodle board to your stove range, you need to prevent your noodle board from exposure to heat, pilot light, and gas buildup.

Why is a stove cover called a noodle board?

A noodle board can be used for anything that you might choose to use some extra countertop space for. Traditionally, a noodle board was used to give a chef extra space to make pasta noodles, hence the name. Nowadays, noodle boards are only used as stove covers for gas or electric stoves.

How do I protect my stove top?

Get a Glass Cooktop Protector: A protector for glass/ceramic stove top is a thin cover that keeps your cooktop safe. They are made from rubber or silicone and are anti-slip and heat resistant. A heat resistant glass stove top cover will also protect your stovetop from spills, grime, and scratches.

Where do you put a noodle board when not in use?

Stove top covers aka noodle boards! A stove top cover is a large piece of wood or glass or tile that you lay over the top of your range when you’re not cooking.

What do you use to seal a noodle board?

If you are planning to prep food on the board you can seal a noodle board with Tung oil.

How do you clean wooden noodle boards?

Scrub kneading board with warm water and soap to remove food residue. Rinse, wipe thoroughly with clean towel or paper towels and air dry. Do not soak or submerge board in water to avoid cracking and warping.

What is the best wood for a noodle board?

Obviously, if you are using a noodle board or stovetop cover for things like making pasta or pie dough, you’ll want to use a hardwood like maple, but you’ll also want to use a food safe finish on the wood.

Can a noodle board be used as a cutting board?

A noodle board can turn your stovetop into an extra area of work surface, giving you additional counter space in the kitchen. Some noodle boards can also double up as cutting boards, a place to put hot pans, and even somewhere to roll out doughs and pastries.