Are The Jonas Brothers Brothers In Camp Rock



Is the Jonas Brothers Little Brother in Camp Rock 2?

Frankie Jonas is the voice of Sosuke in the animated film Ponyo, and has had cameos in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam as well as in the Jonas Brothers TV series too. He’s also now a huge TikTok star!

How many Jonas Brothers are in Camp Rock?

Nick Jonas as Nate Gray, a member of the popular music trio Connect 3. Kevin Jonas as Jason Gray, a member of the popular music trio Connect 3. Aaryn Doyle as Lola Scott, a Camp Rock attendee and singer. Giovanni Spina as Andy, a Camp Rock attendee and drummer.

Is the 4th Jonas brother in Camp Rock 2?

Jonas voiced Sōsuke in the 2009 film Ponyo and was a recurring character in the Disney Channel series Jonas. He also appeared in a minor role in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. He has also made appearances on Married to Jonas on E! which follows the life of his brother Kevin Jonas.

Are Jonas Brothers triplets?

Although they look fairly similar, the boys aren’t actually triplets. Kevin and Joe are two years apart, while Joe and Nick have three years between them. They also have another brother, 18-year-old Frankie who never featured as part of his siblings’ group but is just as close to his brothers.

Is there a 4th Jonas brother?

The Jonas Brothers’ family tree actually has a lot more star power than you may be familiar with. Sure, the famous band has brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin, but there’s also a fourth brother, Frankie, who is carving his own path in the spotlight.

Is Connect 3 related in Camp Rock?

Connect 3 is the fictional band in Camp Rock. It is made up of Shane, Nate and Jason Gray.

Who plays the uncle in Camp Rock?

Brown Cessario (Daniel Fathers) Brown is Shane’s British uncle, and also runs Camp Rock. He also said he was the bassist of a band called the “White Crows.” Nate (Nick Jonas) Shane’s best friend and member of “Connect 3” often seen as the smart, normal one. Jason (Kevin Jonas) Shane’s other band member of “Connect 3”.

How old were the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock?

At first, their manager named the group Sounds Of Jonas, but in the end, they chose Jonas Brother as the band name. At the time of signing the contract, Kevin was 17 years old, Joe was 15 years old, while Nick was 12 years old.

Are Jonas Brothers Italian?

The Jonas Brothers are of Italian (from a maternal great-grandfather), German, Cherokee, Irish, English, and French-Canadian descent. In 2007, the Jonas Brothers started their own charity, Change for the Children Foundation.

What is the name of the Jonas Brothers group in Camp Rock?

The band made their film debut in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, in which they played a band called Connect Three. Joe Jonas plays the lead male role and lead singer Shane Gray, Nick Jonas plays the role of Nate, a guitarist, and Kevin Jonas plays the role of Jason, another guitarist.