Are Termite Bait Stations Safe For Dogs



What do you put in a termite bait station?

Termite baits consist of cellulose (a structural component of wood), combined with a slow-acting insecticide which disrupts the normal growth process in termites. Within weeks of ingesting the bait, termites die while attempting to molt.

Do termites like dogs?

With finely tuned senses that can zero in on the tiniest of scents, dogs are the perfect partners for termite detection. In fact, there’s even a team of dogs (through a company known as TADD) that are trained to sniff out termites in people’s homes.

How often should you change termite bait stations?

You should clean out all of the Advance Termite Bait Stations completely and replace the wood base at least every 12 months, or once a year. Depending on where you live and the climate and amount of rain, you may need to replace the wood base more often.

How long do termite bait stations take to work?

Again, it generally takes a few months for the termites to find the stations and feed on them. Termite baiting is a slow process, you can’t speed it up. Most subterranean termite feeding occurs in the first 8 – 12 inches of soil.

Can dogs sniff termites?

Termite dogs to the rescue! These pups can be trained to detect the methane emitted by termites as they digest wood. So they’re often able to identify an infestation well before a human inspector can. In studies, trained dogs were able to detect groups of 40 termites or more with about 95 percent accuracy.

Can termites make a dog sick?

Grasshoppers, flies, moths and termites – no big concern for dogs.

Can dogs smell termites in the walls?

Dogs Can Also Detect Termites Through Their Sense Of Smell This is where a dog’s nose comes in. Dogs that are trained to sniff termites are able to find the termite entry point, as well as live termites and termite eggs.

How often should termite baits be checked?

According to a recent survey, the particular termite bait stations should be monitored every 3 months. Timing for every inspection is very important. If you miss the opportunity to expose termites to the bait when they do maximum damage then you have to abandon the stations and the process will fail.

How long do termite spikes last?

The instructions further state that after activity has ceased, the stakes should continue to be monitored at least every 3 months for an additional 9 months. Stakes should be replaced before termites consume all of the bait, and must be replaced or removed every 9 months.

How long does Sentricon always active last?

The newer Sentricon systems use what is called “Always Active”. It is supposed to last up to 7 years.