Are Rotiform Wheels Reps



What makes a rep wheel?

Replicas made by less well-known branded wheels manufacture. These manufacturers usually put their brands on the wheels they replicated. The purpose is usually is just to copy the design.

Are Rotiform wheels made in China?

Rotiform wheels are manufactured 100% in the USA using the finest 6061, t6 aluminum forgings.

What company owns Rotiform?

Ken Block has just announced a new partnership with Wheel Pros, the parent company of wheel brands like Rotiform, American Racing, American Force, Fuel Off-Road and Kinesis.

What rims are Reps?

Replica wheels are any wheel that is a derivation or direct clone of an existing style. Take, for example, the ESM Wheels 001 model, which is a direct copy of the BBS RS style, but mimics the 3-piece design with fake hardware. It is just a cast monoblock wheel designed to look the part but at a fraction of the price.

What is wrong with Rep wheels?

Due to the replica wheels being made up of much more porous material, they are much more susceptible to cracking and in extreme cases completely shattering when they are confronted by heavy impacts and large torque inputs – forces that the OEM wheels are engineered to deal with.

Where are BBS wheels made?

Located in Takaoka-City, BBS Japan creates the forgings for all of our forged road and racing wheels. Hydraulic forging presses up to 9000 tons are used to produce the forgings that will become a BBS wheel. Back in 1983, this facility produced the die-forged “RS” design wheel that is still an icon today.

Who owns Fuelwheels?

Established in 2009 by MHT Luxury Alloys, one of the most trusted and time-tested names in the business, Fuel Off-Road has been capturing the attention of off-road enthusiasts with our cutting edge designs, fitments, and technological advancements.

Where are 3sdm cast wheels made?

Machined from solid forgings, we are able to optimize every aspect of your wheels without the high volume requirements associated with cast wheels. Made in our own UK factory we are able to offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to vehicle fitments, wheel sizing, and custom finish options.

Does hoonigan own Rotiform?

Wheel Pros currently owns over 40 wheel brands, including American Racing, Motegi Racing, Rotiform, and DUB Wheels.

When was Rotiform founded?

About Rotiform: Rotiform founded in 2009, is a US-based wheel manufacturer known for their industry-leading innovation and forward thinking designs.