Are Pleco Schooling Fish



How many plecos should be kept together?

Two to five bristlenose plecos should be kept together. Bristlenose plecos are generally solitary fish. However, they can tolerate several other plecos, given that the tank is large enough. A bristlenose pleco can grow to be five inches long, and it requires plenty of space to live comfortably.

Are plecos intelligent fish?

Some are smart and some are not as smart. It varies from species to species. But since they live a long time and some grow to a great size, they obviously have to be fairly intelligent to get to that size in the wild.

Are plecos good community fish?

Overall, Vampire Plecos are peaceful. They make great additions to community tanks. That said, they have been known to get a bit territorial. These fish are big thrashers, so they can do some damage to any fish that picks on them.

Can I put 2 Bristlenose plecos together?

Yes, you can keep two bristlenose plecos together. However, bristlenose plecos are actually solitary, highly territorial fish. If you wish to keep two bristlenose plecos together in the same tank, there are some things you need to consider: First, consider keeping a male-female pair or two females.

Can you put a pleco in a new tank?

You can always get a new tank when your pleco reaches its full size. For many plecos, a 100 gallon tank is the best size tank. This will make sure your pleco has room to grow. Additionally, this size will allow you to add more plecos later.

How old do plecos live?

Males guard eggs. Plecostomus are primarily nocturnal and will spend daytime hours resting along the benthos in dark crevices. The average lifespan for plecostomus is 10 to 15 years.

Are plecos hardy fish?

Plecos are hardy fish that have a hard plate exterior as well as a spiny fin to protect them from other fish.

Does pleco eat fish poop?

No, plecos won’t eat fish poop. Despite being a popular cleaner fish, plecos don’t eat poop because fish poop is already processed and contains very few nutrients. Additionally, you can’t even rely on plecos to keep your tank clean because they are big fish and produce a lot of waste themselves.

What fish can live with plecos?

Pleco Habitat Companions Plecostomus are omnivorous bottom-feeders and can be safely housed with fish much smaller than themselves. Plecos generally pair well with cichlids, angelfish, barbs, bettas, other catfish species, gouramis, guppies, hatchets, loaches, mollies and platies.

Do all plecos need driftwood?

Plecos are known to feed on driftwood in minimal amounts. Driftwood consists of nutrients that help in the digestion process of Plecos. However, where driftwood can certainly help in enhancing the health of a Pleco, it is not really a need or necessity.