Are Panda Moor A Fish



How do you take care of a panda goldfish?

Panda Telescope fish are no different from all other varieties of telescope fish in their care needs. Provide clean water, enough space for them to grow and provide them with a balanced diet and you can’t go far wrong. Remember, they are more delicate than other goldfish thanks to their large eyes.

How big can a moor fish get?

In general, black moors can grow to 6-8 inches (15-20 cm); however, as with all goldfish, it is always possible that your fish will easily surpass these estimations. They will also grow very round and will take on an egg-shape, which will slow down their movements through the water.

Can a black moor goldfish live with a betta fish?

Yes, betta fish can live with goldfish, but it’s not advisable due to their different habitat requirements. Moreover, they have different dietary requirements, which makes feeding them in the same tank a bit difficult.

Why has my black moor turned gold?

If your black moor is turning orange/gold, there’s actually nothing to worry about. Eventually, over time most black moors will turn from black to orange/gold. This is just a part of their natural aging process. In fact, most black moors are only going to be black during the first year of their life.

How big do Panda goldfish get?

The Panda Moor is a wonderful, fun and friendly fish. They can reach about 4-8 inches in length and the average lifespan is 10-15 years if kept in well maintained goldfish aquariums.

What size tank does a black moor goldfish need?

This freshwater fish requires at least a 20-gallon aquarium to live comfortably, as the full-grown black moor goldfish size can be up to 8-inches in length. For each additional similarly sized fish, add another 10-gallons in tank size.

What is a panda oranda?

This species of fancy Goldfish has a huge variety in color: black, red, black with white dots, blue, black with grey gradient, red with orange-yellowish spots, white and many others. Outgrowths cover its entire head, except for the eyes and the mouth.

What are the smallest goldfish?

1. Pompon Goldfish. Pompon goldfish are one of the smallest varieties and one of the most interesting. They grow about five inches.

Are black moors cold water fish?

Goldfish are a cold water fish and will do best at temperatures between 65 – 72° F (18°- 22° C). The Black Moor Goldfish are one of the hardiest varieties of goldfish and can tolerate temperatures a few degrees above freezing as long as the temperature drops only a few degrees a day.

How can you tell the gender of a black moor?

Examine the gill covers and pectoral fins for small white bumps. These bumps are known as “breeding tubercles,” and only appear on male goldfish. If you do not see any on your fish during breeding season, the fish is likely female.