Are Oakley Sunglasses Waterproof



Can I wash my Oakley sunglasses with soap and water?

Use only mild soap and water; never use cleaning solutions.

Are Oakleys more durable than Ray Bans?

Comparing the Durability of Ray Bans and Oakleys. If you look at the build quality of both brands, you might get the impression that Oakley has a cheaper build quality than Ray Ban. As a rule, the hinges of Ray Ban, for example, are made of metal with metal screws, while the hinges of Oakley are made of plastic.

Why are Oakley not polarized?

Not all Oakley Prizm lenses are polarized because the main focus of these lenses is to enhance your color vision rather than to protect your eyes from glare.

Can you use Windex on Oakleys?

It is only recommended to use an Oakley Micro Bag or Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit to clean Oakley lens, do not use any other solvents, chemicals or third party cleaning kits because they have not been tested on our lenses and can possibly damage them.

Are Oakley sunglasses scratch proof?

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are engineered with scratch-resistant lenses. The O Matter material makes them lightweight and durable, while providing 100% protection against UV rays.

Is Oakley a luxury brand?

As you might expect from a luxury brand, the price of Oakley sunglasses can run a little high. A good pair of Oakleys will typically set you back between 100 and 200 dollars. But if you’re wondering if they’re worth it, the answer is absolutely.

Is Oakley and Ray-Ban the same company?

Luxottica owns not only a large portfolio of brands (over a dozen) such as Ray-Ban and Oakley but also retailers such as Sunglass Hut, Lenscrafters and Oliver Peoples, the optical departments at Target and Sears, as well as key eye insurance groups including the second largest glasses insurance firm in the US, EyeMed.

Are Oakley and Ray-Ban the same?

In addition to its 7,000 retail stores and its roughly 10 production facilities the company owns some of the brands it sells including Ray-Ban which it bought in 1999, Oakley which it bought in 2007, Vogue, Oliver Peoples, Persol, Alain Mikli, Arnette and REVO.

Why are Oakley Prizm not suitable for driving?

Lenses that only react to UV light are not suitable for driving because car windscreens filter out UV, slowing and limiting the reaction of the lenses.

Are Prizm lenses good for driving?

We recommend PRIZM polarized lenses for driving because the polarized filter will cut glare bouncing off car bumpers and windshields, making it easier for you to focus on the road ahead.