Are Mtb Shift Cables Same As Road Bike Brake Cables



Can I use shifter cable for brakes?

Brake cables are 1.6mm and shifter cables are 1.2mm. The housing is sized to fit the cables. You should not try to use them for the wrong application.

Can you use MTB brake cable road bike?

MTB/Road brake cables are interchangeable and used for bikes with cable-activated brakes (rim brakes and non-hydraulic disc brakes). These include: Caliper brakes: As used on the majority of road bikes.

Are all shifter cables the same?

Shifter (derailleur) cables come in two standards, main difference being the end barrel, though cable thickness also tends to differ: Campagnolo standard – 1.1 to 1.2 mm cable diameter, with a bit smaller diameter barrel at the end.

Are Shimano gear cables compatible with SRAM?

Renewed shifting performance with a smooth action and precise indexing. Compatible with Shimano®/SRAM® MTB Thumb-Shifters and Twist-Grips, Shimano® STI™ Ro. Flexible, corrosion-resistant stainless steel inner cable.

What are bike brake cables called?

A Bowden cable (/ˈboʊdən/ BOH-dən) is a type of flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force or energy by the movement of an inner cable relative to a hollow outer cable housing.

Is there a difference between brake cable housing and shifter cable housing?

Brake housing consists of an inner liner, spirally wound stainless steel wire, and an outer plastic sheath. This design makes for good, consistent braking performance. Shift housing, similar to brake housing, uses steel surrounding an inner liner, and then coated in plastic to impede moisture infiltration.

How strong is a bike brake cable?

Thickness: Steel cables for brakes and shifting are usually of between 1.1 and 1.5mm diameter, and even the thinnest of such cables has a carrying strength in excess of 250 lbs.

Are SRAM and Shimano shifter cables the same?

Shimano designed their housing to be used with their polymer-coated cables and SRAM has a similar system. Otherwise, I use 4 and 5 mm polished stainless steel cables, often in 3,300 mm length since most bikes have internal routing nowadays.

Do shift cables matter?

shifting cable housing doesn’t make much of a difference (be it spiral wound or linear wound) as long as it has teflon coating on the inside (bowden or whatever it’s called) and proper caps installed. the inner cable is the important one. shimano teflon coated cables don’t rust, stretch less and run smoother.

Are Campagnolo brake cables different?

Campy brake cables aren’t any better, or different than generic. If your opinion differs from mine, …….Too bad. Dogbert.