Are Loungefly Backpacks Waterproof



Are Loungefly durable?

Loungefly backpack It’s a nice size for the price and feels really durable for the school year.

Are Loungefly bags real leather?

All of Loungefly’s bags are made of various types of Faux Vegan Leather. This material is made from polyurethane and is quite easy to care for in a few simple steps.

Do guys wear Loungefly mini backpacks?

Anyone can wear our Mini Backpacks! 😉 But we do have full sized backpacks that are more unisex.

Do Loungefly bags peel?

This material is not the best faux leather option on the market. The material itself is very dry and stiff to the touch (in some areas); having owned many types of handbags i know dryness in any leather or faux leather handbag, coat, belt etc. is NOT good; it leads to cracking and peeling.

Do Loungefly backpacks have water bottle holders?

The straps are adjustable to wear high or lower on your back. The inside is spacious and the outside has two water bottle holders. I can’t wait to bring this to Disney world! It has enough space for camera, full size wallet, phone, sunglasses and a few other small things you might need with you.

Is Loungefly owned by Disney?

Consumer products company Funko LLC has acquired Loungefly, maker of pop culture-focused accessories and handbags under various brand licenses that include Disney and Sanrio. Loungefly specifically designs and develops unique handbags and accessories featuring a variety of characters owned by licensed brands.

Are Loungefly bags vegan?

Our representative with the Lounge Fly company has informed Entertainment Earth that all of there products are vegan friendly, unless otherwise noted in the item’s description. This item is 100% vegan friendly. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any issues as they arise.

How do I contact Loungefly?

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding your web order, please email [email protected], fill out the below form: Funko Inc.

Is Loungefly on Amazon legit?

Yes, the bags sold by Coast City Styles are authentic Loungefly bags.

Are Loungefly bags for boys?

Loungefly bags for guys and girls (all designs are unisex) are great as a Birthday or Valentine’s gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself! Loungefly backpacks can be used as school bags, handbags, or even for Disney World park bags!