Are Jester Backpack Water Resistant



Whats the difference between the Borealis and Jester backpack?

Although both the Jester and Borealis have a similar main compartment capacity, the Borealis is the larger of the two and has a bigger footprint. You can expect the Borealis to be wider and stick out more from the bottom when worn. In comparison, the Jester offers a slimmer fit that doesn’t stick out as much.

What is the difference between the mens and womens Jester backpack?

This is the biggest difference. The men’s version of the North Face Borealis has a 28 liter carrying capacity while the women’s version is 27 liters. Both the men’s and women’s version of the Jester are 28 liters. The men’s version of the Borealis has a wider front elastic bungee system and includes daisy chains.

Should I get borealis or Jester?

To summarize, the features found in the Jester are more suited for school and work, and the features found in the Borealis are more useful for travel and day hiking (although it is still a great option for school and work!).

Is the Jester backpack big enough for college?

This backpack is the perfect size and has great features for a college student. The specially designed back panel and shoulder straps make it easy to carry textbooks around campus.

Is North Face women’s Jester waterproof?

Volume: 22 L. Fabric: 600D or 300D Recycled Polyester with non-PFC Durable Water Repellent Finish, depending on colorway.

Does the North Face Jester backpack have a laptop sleeve?

Description. Our classic Jester pack has a padded laptop sleeve, simplified organization, and it can stand up completely unsupported.

Why do North Face backpacks have 2 handles?

The North Face Jester | The well-padded top handles are comfortable to hold. Up at the top of the Jester is a pair of grab handles, and these are some well-padded ones. They’re very comfortable to use, and having two of them makes for a more balanced carry.

Did North Face change their backpacks?

The North Face debuts new backpacks that were built for the long haul. Available in sizes for all ages, these backpacks will have you going back to school in style. They’re also made to carry all of your essentials and give you hands-free comfort. Better yet, The North Face offers free delivery on all orders.

Does the Jester backpack have a whistle?

Both the Jester and the Borealis come equipped with a sternum strap that has a whistle buckle. This is a very useful feature, particularly for people who have slimmer shoulder frames.

Is the Borealis or recon bigger?

Main Differences Between The Recon & Borealis In fact, the main differences between the Recon and Borealis are the internal size, weight and a few minor features. The Borealis is 30L compared to 28L in the Recon, which also means it’s a little thicker and a touch heavier.