Are Hilleberg Tents Worth The Money



Are Hilleberg tents waterproof?

In our tents, the outer tent material (our Kerlon fabrics) is fully waterproof and is there to keep water – rain and snow – out.

What is the strongest Hilleberg tent?

Soulo BL. Hilleberg’s strongest solo tent, capable of handling any adventure, any season, anywhere. Fully free standing, with an integrated vestibule.

Where are Hilleberg tents manufactured?

To ensure that we can build the tents we envision, and do so at the level of quality we demand, we own and operate our own, ISO-9001: 2014 certified, manufacturing facility in Rapla, Estonia. We also work with a few, carefully selected Estonian factories, where sewers trained by us work exclusively on Hilleberg tents.

What are hilleberg tents made of?

Coated on both sides with a total of 3 layers of 100% silicone, and treated for UV resistance during dyeing and coating. The Atlas and Stalon XL inner tents are made with the Black Label inner tent fabric. The Altai inner tent is made with the Red Label inner tent fabric.

Will a dehumidifier work in a tent?

A dehumidifier can’t fix the outdoor humidity. Still, a fire can help lower the moisture for a few hours around the campsite. Similarly, you should never try to replace your tent dehumidifier by starting a fire in your tent. They both have their place.

Are hilleberg tents good for backpacking?

The Hilleberg Niak is an exceptional lightweight 2 person tent, designed for challenging weather conditions. While it’s probably overkill for thru-hiking and more casual backpacking trips, it is a remarkably comfortable tent with great interior space, steep walls, durable construction, and excellent livability.

Who owns Hilleberg?

Hilleberg is a Swedish tent-making company founded in 1973 by a husband and wife team, Bo and Renate Hilleberg. Control of the company has since passed to their children Rolf and Petra Hilleberg.

Who makes urban escape tents?

The camping brand of the Halfords retail stores network, Urban Escape includes a range of family tents from a two-man pop-up upwards. A German company with a long heritage in the tent market. Founded in 1974, Vaude has been the winner of Germany’s Most Sustainable Brand award.

Why is tear strength important?

Tear strength is one such test. This test measures the force required to rupture a pre-slit woven fabric specimen under specific conditions. Tear strength is important in industrial textiles where heavy duty work is performed. High tear strength ensures that punctures in the fabric don’t propagate easily.

How do you stop condensation in a tent?

The most effective way to prevent condensation is to ventilate your tent and reduce the internal humidity of your tent by promoting a good airflow. Examine your tent for low and high venting options and open them to let the moist air flow out.