Are Big Dog Zero Turn Mowers Any Good

Is a big dog mower any good?

Big Dog Mowers are made by Excel Industries, who are the inventors of the zero turn mower. They also make Hustler mowers. Both mowers are excellent.

Who makes big dog mowers?

Excel Industries is the manufacturer of BigDog Mower Co. and has been in America’s heartland for over 50 years.

Are Big Dog mowers better than Hustler?

The Big Dog offers a little bit longer warranty, but the Hustler supposedly will have more residual value since it’s a more widely known mower (according to the sales guy).

Where are big dog mowers manufactured?

Excel industries is located in Hesston Kansas and they manufacture both the Big Dog and Hustler line of mowers and have for many years.

Where is the Hustler lawn mower made?

Under the direction of company president Roy Mullet, Excel began production of Hustler mowers at its plant in Hesston, Kansas.

Are Big Dog mowers made in USA?

Much like the feeling one gets when gazing upon one’s own freshly mowed lawn — with the lines done just right and everything — Made in the USA claims evoke in many a confirmation of a job well done. Sprinkle in some funny dog videos and you get the marketing pitch for BigDog Mowers.

Who builds Hustler Zero-Turn mowers?

Excel Industries is the manufacturer of Hustler Turf Equipment and has been in America’s heartland even before 1964 when we introduced The Hustler, an entirely new product category now known as the zero-turn mower.

Who makes SCAG zero-turn mowers?

Scag products are fabricated at our parent company, Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc., one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of commercial and residential power equipment in North America.

Are Hustler and big dog the same company?

Excel Industries designs and manufactures premium commercial and residential turf-care equipment under the Hustler Turf Equipment (Hustler) and BigDog Mower Co. (BigDog) brands.

What brands does Excel Industries make?

The Excel products include BigDog Mowers branded C Series, R Series, X Series, and Hustler Turf Equipment branded Sport, FasTrak, X-ONE, Super Z .

Where are badboy mowers made?

Through a combination of determination, solid management, and robotic technology from ABB, Bad Boy Mowers, based in Batesville, Arkansas, is one such example of this kind of resurgent manufacturing success.

Who makes the most dependable zero-turn mower?

1. Husqvarna MZ61. Our top pick for the best zero-turn mower is Husqvarna’s commercial-grade MZ61 model. This is the perfect mower for large properties that would otherwise take a long time to mow.

Does Hustler make a good mower?

Hustler Super Z “In A Class By Itself” is how the Hustler website refers to its top model. The Hustler Super Z is fast, strong, and backed up by the best warranty I have found on the market. The Super Z carries a 5-year warranty on the pumps and motors, where most of the competition has only a 2- or 3-year term.

Is Hustler a good Zero-Turn?

Hustler is one of the best zero-turn mowers on the market.

Who bought out Hustler?

Stanley Black & Decker buys Hustler Turf Equipment owner.